Last July 06, 2011, for our Clothing Technology 11 class, we visited the UP College of Home Economic’s Exhibit at Bulwagan ng Dangal, UP Diliman. I was completely blown away with all the information and the actual displays that were in the exhibit.  Times indeed have changed, and I don’t know how things will be (especially in Philippine Fashion) if we still wear the traditional Baro’t Saya. Here are some Snippets of the Exhibit Visit:

*Here’s the entrance to the Museum and Ma’m Kitty (in her super awesome dress from the 60’s) orienting us about the exhibit



* There were also trivias and paintings on how the Baro’t Saya evolved



* There were also information on the evolution and patterns of the Baro’t Saya


And here are my favorite Ternos:

* And I died for the details and how patiently they were created:


* the big difference of then and now and a photo of  my favorite terno:

* And lastly, a picture with my group (THE CROQUIS MONSTERS) and the whole class

My respect for Baro’t Saya has reached a higher level. I wish there is something that we can do, especially as Clothing Technology Students to be able to revive this fashion is a more wearable and more appropriate way these days. I cannot wait for that day.